2015 Penrith Lakes Excursion

On Wednesday 25th February 2015, Stage One went on their excursion to Penrith Lakes.

When we arrived, we met our excellent guides for the day. Miss Gorgeous and Miss Joyful took Year One to the lake, where they went fishing for insects and sea creatures.

Mr Clever took Year Two on a search for types of leaves and insects that live in trees.

What we enjoyed the most:

I liked it when I caught two fish in just one net. I even felt the water and it felt great! – Maya Byrnes (Year One).
We got to see Mr Clever’s pet, it was a camel. The camel’s name was Charlie. I liked that part of the excursion the best! – Darshan Jambagi (Year One)
I loved it when we got to see the insects and sea life that Year One caught on the big screen. This was so exciting! – Mary Rose (Year Two)
The best part of the excursion was when we went to look for insects in the trees. We also had to look for the leaves and match them to the pictures on our worksheets. I learnt so much. – Matthew Sakr (Year Two)