Learning at Sacred Heart Primary is focused on encouraging and nurturing students while they try to become the best learners and thinkers they can be.

We place great emphasis on our quality Religious Education curriculum, and take pride in the way students are engaged in and motivated by their learning across all the Key Learning Areas.

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Educating for the Future

Our vision is to be a child-centred faith community within an innovative and interactive learning environment. We endeavour to celebrate each other’s uniqueness by providing opportunity for all and to develop a culture that identifies that the journey towards excellence is often paved with trial and error, risk taking, learning from mistakes, flexibility and adaptability.


Religious Education

Sacred Hear Primary offers students and their families the chance to belong to a caring, Catholic community that aims to bring to life the teachings of the Gospel in all that we do


K-6 Curriculum

Sacred Heart Primary offers a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum that follows the NSW Syllabus in all Key Learning Areas.


Cooperative Learning

Through the use of cooperative learning, Sacred Heart aims to create a school environment where all learners have the opportunity to work together, make responsible decisions and solve problems creatively.


Extracurricular Activities

A Sacred Heart education allows students to discover their own talents and provides many opportunities to fully explore these.



We are committed to providing students with the tools, resources and facilities needed to maximise their learning, creativity and extra-curricular opportunities. Our library plays a vital role in this goal and provides invaluable resources for students and staff.